Monday, June 5, 2017

Agatsu Level 2 This Weekend!

This weekend, I will be doing the Agatsu Level 2 Kettlebell Certification. This course teaches advanced training methods and includes a physical test.

It's the physical test that I'm a bit worried about.

The test includes the following:

- Pistols (10 unbroken reps on each leg is 100%)
- 5 Minute Snatch Test (100 snatches total is 100%, only one hand change, women 16kg, men 24kg)
- Jerk Test (35 unbroken double jerks is 100%) (women 16kgs, men 24kgs, no time limit)
- Pull Up Test (strict -no kipping, unbroken chest to bar, 10 reps is 100% for women, 15 reps is 100% for men)
- Bridge Test (3 minutes is 100%)
- Toe to Bar (10 unbroken strict no kipping is 100%, performed on stall bars)
- Ring Push Ups (unbroken in external rotation, approx 1 foot from floor, 10 reps for women, 15 reps for men is 100%)

To pass, I need to score 75% overall.

I'm part nervous and part excited.

The nervous part of me says ...

- Your bridge mobility is not bad, but your endurance is not there
- Your lower back pain will limit you
- Your grip will fail in your snatch test
- You haven't practiced enough ... especially with the 24 kg

- Your mobility may not be good enough to even hit ONE toes to bar on stall bars
- 15 Chest to bar pull-ups?! 5 for sure, maybe 10 if your life was on the line. But 15?? Give me a break!
- ...

In other words, I'm scared. Scared to fail. Scared to get injured. Scared to disappoint.

The excited part of me says ...

- I can't wait to see Shawn & Sara again :)
- I can't wait to visit Montreal!
- I'm excited to learn new things and grow as a student and as a teacher
- Less than a week? Let's do this! I'll hyper-focus on what's essential. Recovery first. Nutrition a close second. And just what I need for training. No random bro sessions this week :)
- Injuries? You've been here before. You know what to do. It isn't sexy. In fact, it's quite boring and monotonous. But it works. And you know you just need to do it. 

In other words, I also believe in the power of positive thinking and focused energy. And most importantly, it's about progress not perfection.

The Agatsu Level 2 course is a big milestone in my journey, but at the end of the day, it's still part of the journey.

Am I still scared, especially after all this positive self talk? You bet I am!

But I'm also excited and embracing fear as a tool to find my flow.

24 kg kettlebell
Is it just me or does the 24 kg always get heavier one week away from Agatsu Level 2?

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