Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Weekly Fitness Bucket List

Current Goals

Over the next couple months, I will be following this general program for the snatch and the jerk. I will be training along with a few other friends and will be tracking my progress. If you would like to train with me (in-person or virtually), please reach out.

I'm currently training for the Agatsu Level 2 Kettllebell Certification in June (link to fitness standards) and planning to compete in the April Agatsu Kettlebell Comp as a milestone ... and to catch up again with kettlefriends :)

Managing Goals and Expectations

I also have a lot of interests, including kickboxing, CrossFit, BJJ, yoga, running, calisthenics, and experimenting with new stuff (e.g. mace). This can make it very hard to focus or make any significant progress.

Knowing this, I'm managing my expectations and thinking long term. The time-specific goals help me train hard and focus. The long-term mindset helps me avoid shortcuts that can compromise my long-term success. Examples include:

Building the 3:00 bridge. A shortcut would be to just rely on therapy, or ruminate on all the great drill I could be doing. Instead, I'm choosing one keystone drill that will help me address my weakest link, and help remind me to work on the bridge.

Confusing "workouts" for "training". I love working out with friends and met-con workouts that make me dig deep. I also have very specific goals, and recovery is becoming increasingly more challenging :) For me, this means keeping these met-con type workouts to once a week. If I can get everything else I want done that week and I still have energy from a week of great sleep and solid nutrition, then sure!

Ultimately, I'm approaching my training with a bit more intention and a bit more focus. Although to many, this will still look a bit scattered :) And that's okay. This is what aligns with my current goals and interests.

A Weekly Fitness Bucket List

Below is my weekly checklist. I've listed these in relative priority. While I've tried scheduling things in the past, it's been a challenge. So this is my "bucket list" for this week. And however I fit it in, I'll get it done, and check off the list as I go.

And if possible, I'll try to "stack" exercises & activities. For example, last night I went to BJJ. After class, I snuck in some bridge work coupled with Jefferson curls. Chunking these complementary activities helps me chip away at this list. This is very similar to the approach Joe Rogan takes when planning out his training.

Also, for those interested, I've included the kettlebell sport training program I'll be following for the next two months. The goal is to keep things simple and to track progress. If you're curious about kettlebell sport or want to train with me (in-person or virtually), feel free to reach out.

My Weekly Bucket List
  • Overhead press 3x/week
    • Day 1: 3x10 (sets x reps)
    • Day 2: 3x3
    • Day 3: 3x5 
    • Options: kneeling, standing, in TGU, etc.
  • Elevated bridge press 3x/week
    • Day 1-3: 3x5; Time-permitting, endurance holds 0:30-1:00, and other bridge work.
  • Jefferson curl 3x/week
    • Day 1-3: 3x5, weighted
  • Pull-up 3x/week
    • Day 1: Banded Pull-ups 5x5-10, increase reps
    • Day 2: Pull-ups 5x5, increase sets
    • Day 3: 100 Pull-ups for time
  • Push-ups 3x/week
    • Day 1: Ring push-ups 5x5-10
    • Day 2: 100 Push-ups for time
    • Day 3: Tempo push-ups 5x5
  • Pistols 1x/week
    • 5x5, weighted
  • Simple & Sinister Protocol (StrongFirst) 3x/week
    • 1-arm swings, 5 x 10/arm, every 30s
    • TGU, 5 x 1/arm, every min
  • KB Snatch / Jerk 3x/week
    • Day 1: Interval
    • Day 2: Ladder
    • Day 3: Long set
  • BJJ 2x/week
    • Focus on side control escapes and guard retention 
  • Yoga 1x/week
    • Moksha
  • Sauna 3x/week
    • Condo
  • Met-Con 1x/week
    • CF Ark, FightFit, spontaneous workouts
  • Run 1x/week
    • Outdoor

Kettlebell Sport Program
  • Day 1 - Interval
    • Time-based: 5-10 x 1:00; 1:1 work:rest)
    • Rep-based: 5-10 x 10/arm
  • Day 2 - Ladder
    • Time-based: 5-10 x 1:00; 1:1 work:rest)
    • Rep-based: 5-10 x 10/arm
  • Day 3 - Long / Competition Set
    • Max reps, up to 10 min
    • Adjust goals accordingly (e.g. 5 min one week, 6 min the next week or two)

I've created a Google Form to keep track of our progress with the kettlebell sport training. If you want accountability or use this for your own training, feel free to reach out.

And as always, I welcome feedback, advice and questions.

I end with a quote from Joe Rogan (link to article):

When in doubt, go back to what you love. 
“When I found something I was interested in, I didn’t have to be disciplined because I was obsessed,” he says. “Obsession fueled discipline and discipline manages that obsession.” Prior to his discovery of martial arts and comedy, Rogan couldn’t focus on anything he wasn’t deeply interested in, and it’s still a challenge for him today. “So I just filled my life up with stuff I like,” he says with a laugh. 
“Joe’s formula for success is simple,” says Callen. “It’s ‘I like doing this. I’ll just do it every day, no matter what, until I get really good at it.’ That’s his secret.”
Happy training!