Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Total Annihilation >> Complete Determination

Oh man. Total annihilation. I got destroyed on my Operational Research exam. Should have used my time more wisely. Gah. My favourite course. I was doing really well... And then... kaput. And it was a second year course too. Man, so mad.

So I went to the gym. I tried to understand. Why can't I do well in OR courses? Same thing happened last year... I would say... Wow Cool! And not do well.... -_- Maybe I am not supposed to be where I thought I'd be. These were some of the thoughts that were going through my mind as I started working out.

Bicep curls... Bench Press... Tricep Press... Leg Press... Angry Press:p

Then I went upstairs to run. At first I was like 10 laps. As I was running, I was like, WOW.... 10 laps is long. Then wait... Edwin can do 5 km.... And 5 km = 35 laps. Ok.. I'll do that. Partway through I was doubting myself. But I kept running. Lap 10... Oh my... 25 laps to go... I kept at it... My foot was in pain... I'm going to finish this... No matter what... I can do it... I didn't let my intense pain get to me.... Mind over matter they say...

End of story? I ended up painfully finishing the 5k. Took me about 1/2 hour around the track. Hard... yes... But I know that I can do it. I know that I can finish and that even when I am down, I need to persevere, because finishing that 5 k is so much more rewarding then giving into my fleshly desires:p In the same way, this seemingly huge roadblock in my life (failing that exam) is going to hurt. But I need to keep running. I need to finish this race. And learn from my mistake. Choose this day. That phrase is taking on a deeper meaning everyday. And right now, Ada is beside me, supporting me, and affirming to me that everything is ok. I will fight. God, this battle, I commit to you. Please take it, use it, for your glory, not for my own gains.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Pushups galore!

Crazy. That's how I would describe Andrew. Maybe hardcore was a better word. We were in the compute lab yesterday (Saturday) and he came in. We had a bit of chit chat and then I challenged him to a push up contest. A friend was there and I knew I would not be able to beat him. But I gave it a try. We did 20 down, first one to failure looses. So this is what I did:

Push ups:
20,19,18,17,12.5 (couldn't finish 16 - just collapsed)
*short break in between

My arms are still sore. He's the man I plan to train with in Seattle for the marathon. We'll see though:) Still, this encounter motivated me to do push ups - especially 20 down:)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Slacking a bit - recharge!

Lately I have not been posting. Yes, I have excuses... but I need to move past that. So an update:) I have been working out approx. 2-3 times a week. Here are some of my recent highlights:

Wed March 28: Worked out at Ryerson. Wow, they have a sauna! So nice! But that was after intense running and weight training (1.5 hours in total).

Fri March 30: Workout with Zenzo and TK at Hart House. These guys are intense. TK, especially, displayed a valiant effort. Training with these guys is inspiring.

Mon April 2: Had a crave to run. Ran outside for 10 minutes in Markham. Where I live, the air is fresh, the sky beautiful, the scenery breathtaking, the run... exhilirating. I'm discovering the joy of running for its own sake. During that day, I was toying with the idea of training to complete a marathon. I love to run and there is an incredible amount of joy in preparing and completing a run that requires so much perserverance and hardwork.

Now: Will be more consistent in keeping a fitness journal.

Also: For those who do not know, I am doing my internship in Seattle with IBI Group. I will be working from May 2007 to the beginning of Sept 2008. I hope to continue to grow in my consistency in all areas of my life.