Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 2008 XCF Challenge

(I welcome anyone to join my challenge or to post comments of your own goals for July 2008)

July CrossFit Challenge

Personal records: (I will keep getting better, continuously pursue excellence, maintain focus, I will keep at it, and I will do it ... NOW!)

7/30 8k run: 53:13
(CrossFit WOD is 15k run. Time constraint - lunch break)

7/29 Helen: 26:32

7/24 Fran: 28:13
(With 45# thrusters, though I did the first 15 reps with 90#. Pullups were chin-to-bar and needed jump-assists. Note that the new CrossFit standard is chest-to-bar)

7/22 XCF: 37:05
(2 sets as above, replaced last two sets of pullups with pushups)

Workout References:

400 m run
55# dumbbell sings
12 pullups
(for time)

Fran (Courtesy of Dan)
Reps: 21-15-9
95 lbs thrusters
For time!

Xplore Crossfit (XCF) July 2008 Challenge
25 pullups
400 m run
4 sets for time
(Sub-10 minutes to qualify for record )

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fierce Intensity

It has been over a month since my last post. And all this time I have been working out when I felt like it, how I felt, ... bowing to my whim. I grew fed up with that and decided to journal. Also, Frank (my workout buddy / coworker) is also journaling, giving me more incentive to do so. I just had a peanut butter cookie and a greek salad - yuM! I feel quite refreshed and energized now. I also took ClearGuard for my allergies. Much better :)

So before I start journaling, it is essential to redefine my goals. I no longer aim to gain weight, at the moment. While that would be fantastic, I have another goal: running the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon. I will be runnning friends. My goal is to complete it. It will be my second half (my first was the Seafair Half Marathon, which I ran with Ryan, my coworker - who recently became an associate! Congratulations Ryan!). My goals are not so defined, but here's what I will focus on:
- Develop core strength (abs, back, legs, etc...) to support my running
- Run (just getting out there to run)
- Follow 1/2 marathon program (once I get into the swing of things)
- Improve speed, endurance, while staying injury free

For this week, I am going to aim to get out every day to run (20-30 minutes). Just getting out there and putting in the work. I ran the past two nights (Sunday and Monday) and have been feeling pretty good. I need to maintain this consistency and keep going strong.

Also, I'm not one to just run. I like variety and there is strength in diversity. So I am also working on my pullups, squats, dips, ...etc. But for this week, while I will still do other training, my prime goal is to get out and run. Not to exactly get a super workout (that will take care of itself). But to develop the discipline of running consistently. So that's that! =)

Happy running!


Oh right, "fierce intensity". Haha. Okay, so I shaved my head. Getting rid of the excess in life, ... no longer wasting time, money, mental thoughts on things that are not important. Stripping down everything that holds me down and lasering in on my goals. Through this discipline, I have also found time to reorganize my life, my room, and spend more time with God. There is value in discipline and not just being passionate. And I'm starting to better understand the value of having both passion and discipline in all that you do. Peace out!