Monday, February 6, 2017

Superbowl LI - Finish Well

Twitter: @WildmansWord
I'm not much of a football/sports fan, but I do enjoy watching high stakes games with food & friends.
When I left around half time, I was pretty sure Atlanta would take this. And I was also hoping they'd win.
For no profound reason at all. I like cheering for the underdog & the Falcons sounds like a cool name :)
This was certainly a fun game to watch! Both teams worked very hard and are incredibly talented.
With the pressure mounting, odds against you, and stakes high, I find it amazing that the Patriots (and any Champion / Championship Team for that matter) pressed on to the finish.
They never gave up on their will to win.
While I'm certainly no Tom Brady, I have my own race to run. There are days when I feel like a champion. In control. Confident. Strong. Happy. Excited. Motivated.
Yet there are days when I'm down and out. Depressed. Hurt. Frustrated. Struggling. When my world seems like it's crashing down.
In all of this, I'm reminded to
... never give up
... keep pressing on
... fight the good fight
... run the race set before me
... keep the faith
... finish well