Saturday, May 19, 2007


I am in lovely Seattle, doing a 16 month internship. I work downtown but live with friends in Sammamish (1/2 hour bike ride to station and 1/2 bus ride downtown). So currently, that's my workout - as the ride to the station is very hilly! My knees are actually a bit injured. I'm using the weekend to recover. It's 5 miles 1 way (I'm not the fastest biker... very anti-pro)... so 10 miles a day isn't too bad (~16 km).

Alright, getting off now. But getting back on track. I need to maintain focus and keep up this fitness journal. OK, pursuit of 4 dimensional excellence, HERE I COME! Round 29101930! :P

[Update: Went shopping at Target, and found this $15 body fat meter thing. I measured my body fat composition... 24.8%!!! I need to increase my muscle mass:p.. so eat smarter and do more strengthening exercises -- cardio from biking:D]