Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday update


Two weeks ago, a few of us spent a night in Muskoka. Harvest Newmarket launches March 1 and we'll be a set-up / tear-down church, so we went up to see how things are run in Harvest Muskoka.

We were told we'd be staying in a "cabin". As it turned out, our hosts invited us to a spacious "cabin" and tried out some delicious recipes on us. 

Need to lift

I try to workout with other coaches on a semi-regular basis. But it's hard. I need to lift more on my own, and be diligent in my training and nutrition.


I am blessed with a wonderful girlfriend. She encourages me in every way I know. I am grateful for the fun, the silly, the tough times, and the crazy times :) Life is much fuller with her in my life.

Basement clean-up

Our basement flooded several times. On the most recent flood, we decided to rip out the sub floor and laminate flooring. We also got rid of some drywall and wiped down the area from the mould, mildew and rot. It was a lot of work and I had fun doing the work with others.

Nevertheless, we still got some professional help after we did most of the groundwork. A mould specialist helped finish the cleaning job and sanitized the area properly. We'll wait for the area to dry and see if we have any flooding issues in the spring. But in the meantime ... this looks like a great area to lift, don't you think?

Excited for tonight!

"If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." --John 8:36