Thursday, October 14, 2010

Workouts: Finding my rhythm


I've been wanting to workout consistently for a while now. With the recent injuries, illness, busyness, and a plethora of other lame excuses, I've been having a hard time in finding my rhythm. To find a plan that works for me.

Exercise should be fun. This is what I tell everyone I workout with. If it's not fun, let's stop. I find "fun" to be the best motivator. As one progresses, "fun" takes on new meaning, with definitions overlapping with words such as pain, torture, and goals. Having goals help me endure the pain. So I will share my goals and my plan with you. I will also include my weekly log to document how closely I follow this plan. I would love for you to share in my journey.


Oct 24: Niagara Falls 1/2 Marathon: 2:30 pace bunny
Mar 20: Rome Marathon*: 1st Full Marathon!! Goal is to qualify for Boston!
May 15: Mississauga 1/2 Marathon: Goal is 1:30. My current time is a bit under 2 hours ... this will need a "bit" of work ;)
*Details will follow soon

  • Monday: Speed Work
  • Tuesday: Weights
  • Wednesday: Hart House Circuit
  • Thursday: Weights
  • Friday: Hart House Circuit
  • Saturday: Long Run
  • Sunday: Rest Day


Week of Oct 18-25 (Niagara Falls Half!)
Monday: 6pm @ AC. 2k warm-up (~8 min). 4x200m sprint. light weights
Sunday: 21.1 km @ 2:30 pace =)

Week of Oct 11-17
Monday: Thanksgiving
Tuesday: No workout. Idea for this plan was on Thursday.
Wednesday: 8am. Hart House Circuit. Bronze. 35 min. Empty stomach. 5pm. AC. Weights. Deadlifts (100 x ~100lbs) + random other exercises. 7pm. TKD
Thursday: Missed weights in the morning (sore from working out for the first time in a while).
Friday: 8am. Hart House Circuit. Intro I + 10lbs. 18 min. Light weight training. Empty stomach.
Saturday: rest
Sunday: mini-circuit

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Coffee after a month :)

It's been a month since I've had a cup of coffee. At the end of the Day 31 of No Coffee, I went to Starbucks and ordered a Grande Mild (Pike Place).

A fresh aroma of memories this brings. Life's just much better with coffee.

Am I free from it, drinking when I want and able to control when I shouldn't? This we shall see. In the meantime, it's the end of a month of coffee abstinence and to this I raise my glass to you and to me.

This is not symbolic something deeper. It's just ... coffee's a happy man's drink :) .. and tonight, I'm happy :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Coffee Purge Reloaded: Day 43


Yes, it's been a while. My apologies for being MIA for the past few weeks. Here's an update of my life journey.


For those of you who are new to this blog, welcome :) The Coffee Purge Reloaded is my new journey with coffee, where my goal is to get off coffee eventually. The process is important. But cold turkey is not necessary. (My previous cold turkey attempts have failed miserably). Rather, my goal is to be free of this drink, pressing forward, nevertheless. As for some numbers, it's Day 43 since I started this Reloaded Coffee Purge (in previous iterations of the Coffee Purge, I wasn't allowed to drink; now, it's okay .. the count still continues until I'm free).

Also, it's Day 28 of no coffee! During these 28 days, I had one week of no caffeine. I'm not completely free from caffeine, but the fight with coffee is going well so far. And it isn't so much fight as it is flight. Fighting has been futile. Trying to battle my cravings for coffee. I have found avoiding temptation much more effective, fighting only when I need to. But anyways, I digress. So it's been 4 weeks! The last time, I crashed at 2 weeks.


Another dimension of my life is my spirituality. I'm a Christian and take an active role in the Chinese Christian Fellowship at U of T. I'm learning new things each day. Here's a random list of things I'm learning:
  • Choosing leadership over selfishness. Leadership involves serving. I'm a horrible servant. Choosing to lead - be it in my words or actions - is a constant struggle, especially when trials come your way.
  • Relationships are complicated. This is perhaps why I enjoy research so much. Adding people to the equation makes the problem virtually impossible to solve. Who I am matters just as much as what I do (or what people see).
  • Community and Solitude (not isolation) are vital parts of the Christian life - and even for people in general. There seems to be an inner desire to love and be loved and also a need for some alone time - a space of rest and reflection. Then again, this is just me. One person is a small sample size.
  • God is faithful, sovereign, and good. I see this both through my time with God and also in how He works in the lives of others.
  • "X" marks the spot. At the outset, when I told my committee that prayer was of utmost importance and that people need to know Jesus, I painted a big bullseye ... not only on my back, but on my committee. From the stories I hear from my friends, we have been under spiritual attack. Your prayers are appreciated. I'd like to also say that this is not only for Christians, but for anyone who chooses leadership. When you choose to lead, you open yourself up to attack, to criticism, to unrealistic expectations ... Leadership can be a time of breaking or strengthening or both. Leadership is a choice.
Committee meeting is about to start. I'm nervous excited.