Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 2008 - Workout Log

Nov 4
- Running (hard/easy - lap group twice, x3)
- Bench Press: 95-115-115 (6-12-9)
- Tri (kick back, press): 12-12 (12-12)
- Preacher Curl (wide/narrow): 44-44 (7-7), 2-22lbs dumbbells
- Stiff leg deadlift: 45-95-95 (12-12-12)
- 90 degree side bends: 10-10 (12-12)
- Shoulder (front, rear, side): 12-12-12 (12-12-12)
- Dumbell Lunge: 22-22-22 (12-12-12)
- Lat pulldown: 70-100-100 (6-10-12)
*Weight (Reps)

Nov 3
- Max Bench: 145 lbs
- Lactic Row: 44 reps, 1 min, 35 lbs
- Erg: 644 m / 2:15 min
- Barbell Curl: 20 lbs, 12 reps / 4 sets
- Squat: 115 lbs, 10-5-10
- Track Set (abs): 15 reps
- Hip extensions: 25-25

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 2008

This month has been a transition from work-life to school-life, and what a change it is. No evenings or weekend, and I need to better organize my time. Things are getting much and I'm getting my rhythm down. Anyways, here is the blog for this month :)

9/24: 9 PM @ AC

Joshua - 23:45
Derek - 20:17

50 backsquats
50 barbell cleans
50 barbell curls
50 GHD situps
50 GHD back extensions
*I worked out with Derek. He did 30 reps and subbed the GHD situps with a Roman situps on a fitness ball.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 2008: Fitness

[Fellow workout friends, local and abroad: I invite you to share about your fitness goals & achievements, post up, and let me know where I can see your online fitness journal]

Xplore CrossFit

Journal (August 2008)

(Arrived slightly after 7 AM @ Xplore CrossFit. Even though I have a week left, I'm going to pay a month's worth and really get this done. Also, Jordan (who is amazing btw) has been helping me throughout the year, allowing me to workout with them and helping me with technique)

WOD (Workout of the Day)
35# dumbbell burpee squat thruster
20# ball slams
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 >.< !!
Time: 43:36 (I got beat by 20 min by a chick! But hey, I finished!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 2008 XCF Challenge

(I welcome anyone to join my challenge or to post comments of your own goals for July 2008)

July CrossFit Challenge

Personal records: (I will keep getting better, continuously pursue excellence, maintain focus, I will keep at it, and I will do it ... NOW!)

7/30 8k run: 53:13
(CrossFit WOD is 15k run. Time constraint - lunch break)

7/29 Helen: 26:32

7/24 Fran: 28:13
(With 45# thrusters, though I did the first 15 reps with 90#. Pullups were chin-to-bar and needed jump-assists. Note that the new CrossFit standard is chest-to-bar)

7/22 XCF: 37:05
(2 sets as above, replaced last two sets of pullups with pushups)

Workout References:

400 m run
55# dumbbell sings
12 pullups
(for time)

Fran (Courtesy of Dan)
Reps: 21-15-9
95 lbs thrusters
For time!

Xplore Crossfit (XCF) July 2008 Challenge
25 pullups
400 m run
4 sets for time
(Sub-10 minutes to qualify for record )

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fierce Intensity

It has been over a month since my last post. And all this time I have been working out when I felt like it, how I felt, ... bowing to my whim. I grew fed up with that and decided to journal. Also, Frank (my workout buddy / coworker) is also journaling, giving me more incentive to do so. I just had a peanut butter cookie and a greek salad - yuM! I feel quite refreshed and energized now. I also took ClearGuard for my allergies. Much better :)

So before I start journaling, it is essential to redefine my goals. I no longer aim to gain weight, at the moment. While that would be fantastic, I have another goal: running the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon. I will be runnning friends. My goal is to complete it. It will be my second half (my first was the Seafair Half Marathon, which I ran with Ryan, my coworker - who recently became an associate! Congratulations Ryan!). My goals are not so defined, but here's what I will focus on:
- Develop core strength (abs, back, legs, etc...) to support my running
- Run (just getting out there to run)
- Follow 1/2 marathon program (once I get into the swing of things)
- Improve speed, endurance, while staying injury free

For this week, I am going to aim to get out every day to run (20-30 minutes). Just getting out there and putting in the work. I ran the past two nights (Sunday and Monday) and have been feeling pretty good. I need to maintain this consistency and keep going strong.

Also, I'm not one to just run. I like variety and there is strength in diversity. So I am also working on my pullups, squats, dips, ...etc. But for this week, while I will still do other training, my prime goal is to get out and run. Not to exactly get a super workout (that will take care of itself). But to develop the discipline of running consistently. So that's that! =)

Happy running!


Oh right, "fierce intensity". Haha. Okay, so I shaved my head. Getting rid of the excess in life, ... no longer wasting time, money, mental thoughts on things that are not important. Stripping down everything that holds me down and lasering in on my goals. Through this discipline, I have also found time to reorganize my life, my room, and spend more time with God. There is value in discipline and not just being passionate. And I'm starting to better understand the value of having both passion and discipline in all that you do. Peace out!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Getting in the Zone

I just got back into CrossFitting. That meant going into work earlier so I could leave a bit earlier. Waking up incredibly early, even when I'm tired and sore. It means eating properly (40% carb, 30% protein, 30% fat). And for my own reference, here's the math:

Eat in "blocks", 1 block = 7 g protein, 9 g carbs, 1.5 (x2) g fat (eat in this proportion)

How many blocks? .7 of Lean Body Mass ... which is found by using your weight and your body fat percentage. So I'm pretty excited and feeling good. It's going to take a lot of tweaking and changing, but it will help properly fuel my day to day activities. Nutrition will help take me to the next level. For some additional news:

June 7: 50 mile relay Rainier to Ruston, I run two legs, totaling 9.1 miles.
June 28: Seafair Half Marathon - running with Ryan

As a late note, May 16 was Bike to Work Day and I biked from Issaquah Highlands to Seattle (my first time). That's over 30 km. Took me over 2 hours but I had fun. While I don't bike to work all the time, I occasionally ride down the Highlands and take the bus, and bike up the hill on my way home. This is good cross training too for running.

Anyways, I was feeling fairly down, emotionally bummed. And I'm starting to get excited again. Passionate. Driven. In fierce pursuit for excellence. Socrates said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is a habit."

Smile! ... starting from the inside out.


P.S. How could I forget! My legs are really in pain right now. Anways, this morning's workout, we did tabata sets. Basically 20 seconds of max reps, 10 seconds rest .... 8 sets for each exercise. The exercises? Let's see: Pushups, Pullups, Situps, Row, Back Extensions, Squats. (For rowing, each calorie counts as a rep). I did 269 reps (proper form and so forth). Mind you, it's also the least number of reps out of everyone else. Nevertheless, I'm motivated to get better, become stronger, run faster, and discover the limits of my potential.

Friday, February 29, 2008

CrossFit ?!

Here's a link to the CrossFit Program.

Dang. This morning. 7:30. I went in. Died after the warm up. Today it was the Spartan 300 workout. I had to use a little help throughout the workout but hey! I finished!

So for those unaware, I have been also working out with people at CrossFit. There's tons of information on their website, but basically, it's high intensity, variety, and very functional. Very hardcore. The workouts remind me of my dragonboat days. And also of the 300 workout :) Ok, so here's what I did:

- 500 m row
- 15 deadlifts
- 15 pushups
- 15 swings
- 15 box jumps
(2 rounds)

WOD (Spartan 300)
- 25 pullups (needed rubber band assistance towards the end)
- 50 deadlifts (95lbs instead of 135 lbs)
- 50 pushups
- 50 box jumps
- 50 floor wipers
- 50 KB clean&press (used 15 lbs dumbbell instead of 35 lbs kettlebell)
- 25 pullups (rubber band help - chin not fully above bar for about 20% of reps)

Completed! 56:00 minutes (only need to shave 36:00 minutes to be a Spartan! Haha! And increase weights for some)

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Plan

I met with a personal trainer @ Xplore Fitness. His name is Jason and he's a crazy martial arts expert and personal trainer. I learned a lot and he has given me a better sense of how I need to achieve my goals. But here, let me state my goals a little more clearly:

I aim to increase my lean body mass, increasing my body weight from 172 lbs to 200 lbs by August 2008. I am running 10 k and 1/2 marathon races with my coworkers, with the purpose of having fun and finishing. 200 lbs is not a strict constraint. My primary goal is to stay lean and functional and my secondary goal is to increase my size.

The Plan
- no calorie counting, or specific eating plan. just know the basics and be consistent

Plan: Weight breakdown
1. 172 lbs x 15.5% = 26.7 lbs body fat (BF)
2. 172 lbs - 26.7 lbs = 145.3 lbs lean body mass (LBM)

If goal = 200 lbs total weight, and want to maintain BF %,
BF (goal) = 31 lbs (+4.3 gain)
LBM (goal) = 169 lbs (+23.7 gain)

Plan: Nutrition
Need to just eat more :) Approx 2500-3000 cal / day. Maintain balance in each meal of:
- Carbs 50%
- Protein 25%
- Fats 25%

Also, for gaining muscle, need approx 117 grams protein / day (weight in kg *1.2). Protein and other nutrients required immediately after a workout. I will generally consume this in the form of a protein shake.

What I'm going to do is eat until I'm satiated (not feeling too full / bloated) and eat often (so I'm not feeling hungry). The first is to avoid excess fat storage, and the second is to avoid catabolism and loss in LBM. P.S. Drink lots of water

Plan: Cardio
Max heart rate = 220 - 21 (age) = 199
65% HR = 129 (fat burn zone), 45-60 min max before losing LBM
85% HR = 169 (cardiovascular strength zone) , 20-30 min max before losing LBM

Stay in between these two zones. Where exercise will exceed these maximums, ensure proper nutrition (enough carbs and good balance).

Plan: Working out
4-6 exercises per body part
3 sets 10-12 reps
- 1st set: just do it
- 2nd set: just do it
- 3rd set: on final rep, hold contracted position for 10-30 sec, then resist the negative

Strength training 4 days / weeks.
Monday (Day 1): Biceps / Triceps
Tuesday (Day 2): Chest / Back
Wednesday: Cardio (i.e. cycling class)
Thursday (Day 3): Quads, hammy, calves
Friday (Day 4): Shoulders (front / back)
Saturday: Cardio (i.e. running with coworkers, martial arts class @ Xplore)
Sunday: Rest
*abs and core should be trained often =)

- use cables (constant resistance)
- in chest exercises, keep chest out and shoulders back
- working opposing muscles
- aiming to get muscles to point of fatigue
- contract muscle @ each rep
- vary grip for variety and to work different muscle groups
- perform function exercises as well (pushups, dips, chinups...)

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip of every weight that so easily hinders our progress. And let us run with endurance the race that God has set before us. -Heb 12:1 (NLT)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Xplore Fitness - my new gym. Closer to work & bus stop. Cheaper. And has everything I need. (Though it doesn't have a pool). Includes 2 free personal training sessions and 1 training session / month for followup.

Okay, my goal has always been to get better. To improve. I have been hesitant of quantifying my goals. More recently, I realize that it is important to be specific about your goals. Having clearly define goals assist in motivation - but they should not make working out a drag. I workout for the joy of fitness. I bodybuild to shape my body into the best it can be, developing physical strength, endurance, stamina, and flexibility. Bodybuilding is part of a greater goal of attaining true strength. Through my physical training, I aim to achieve strength of character, consistency in integrity, staying power, and renewed passion. My desire is to give God glory. To share His love, His truth. To experience it and allow others to experience the message of hope through my life.

In the spirit of specific goals, here is a preliminary list of goals that I am driven to achieve by August 2008, when I return to Toronto:
1- currently bench 135 lbs. goal: 200 lbs (10 reps)
2- current weight 172 lbs. goal: 200 lbs (gain lean muscle mass only)
3- current body fat 15.5% goal: <14%
4- complete 10 k race and 1/2 marathon

Here is my current plan of attack for each goal (my plan of attack will continue to change as the weeks go by):
1- train with intensity, consistently pushing my limits
2- diet: higher caloric intake. quality carbs. strongly limit sugar intake and evening snacks with carbs. more protein. post/pre workout nutrition. training: train muscles to failure.
3- drink lots of water. weekly cardio. diet (see #2). refrain from excessive eating / binging. srongly limit alcohol consumption
4- train all muscles to protect from injury. run consistently to build endurance. add speedwork and hill training.

Renewed. Revitalized. Refreshed. Re-energized. Recharged.