Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aug 21: YMCA

1-2 PM Downtown Seattle YMCA

Ran 1 mile
Did strength training mainly for triceps, shoulder, and calves

Approx length of workout: 31.39 minutes
Max Heart Rate: 163 (82%)
Average Heart Rate: 131 (66%)

Comments: Felt good. Felt strong. Only 1/2 hour workout and squeezed in during lunch. But relieved a lot of stress the accumulated at work. I'm feeling very positive of the consistency at the YMCA and keeps me connected.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Aug 19: Renewal

I just came back from my vacation in Toronto. I bought some "bling".
- Polar heart rate monitor
- weight lifting gloves
- Asics running shoes (Kayano VII for 40% off!)

Went running today. 7 PM Seattle time (10 PM in Toronto).
- Length: 31.22 min
- Max HR: 175
- Avg HR: 152

Comments: Felt very good. Did some strength training in quads along the way to help cushion shock on knees. Difficult to adjust at first to air (difficulty breathing) but kept pressing on. The weather was beautiful and the air was refreshing. I love running.